Welded Wall Art by:
Manolo Jolinsky.

We provide top quality welded interior wall art and photography that is custom designed to enhance the appearance of your corporate office, hospital, home, or just about anywhere else!

Custom Wall Art

Whether you are in need of unique stainless steel wall art, or you simply want your office to stand out with an aesthetically pleasing piece, Manolo Jolinsky can help.

Why choose Us

Mr. Manolo is a US Disabled Navy Veteran who has been welding all his life. If you are interested in acquiring custom wall and photographic art, contact Manolo Jolinsky today for more information!

Our Mission

Manolo Jolinsky can enhance your interior decor with the style and class of custom jeweled, stainless steel art frames and floral nature photography (a niche product). @ $2,200.00 ea.

What you get

Distinguished interior quality wall art that provides beauty in the workplace and home. Aesthetically pleasing interior design bringing tranquility any setting.

Call us today at (951) 241-4426 or Email us at wallart@manolojolinsky.com

We strive to provide top quality welded interior wall art and photography that are custom designed Contact Us

Manolo Jolinsky wall art will be with - Jeweled Stainless Steel Frames (special orders adorned with hand cold forged Bronze Scrolls) specifically T.I.G. Welded together with the many years of experience Mr. Manolo has acquired. This will set apart this wall art from all other wall art. The combination of welding and craftsmanship Mr. Manolo uses is special, it personifies an art Nouveau and art Deco combination that soothes the mind in a fast paced working environment.

@ $2,200.00 ea.