Interior Wall Art

New metal prints coming soon. These new interior wall art metal prints will enhance the appearance of your corporate office, home, or just about anywhere else YOU need an uplifting cheerful view with #SUNFLOWERS

In the year 2020, amid quarantine, I cultivated over 100 Sunflowers on my premises. This allowed me ample gardening moments and photography opportunities. Introducing my latest interior metal wall art prints, which exude a truly pleasing aesthetic appeal. Elevate your office and workspace ambiance with these vibrant prints designed to inspire and uplift.

Introducing our exquisite new wall art collection, boasting captivating hues that seamlessly enhance your interior decor. These art pieces, meticulously captured through top-notch interior photography, feature the timeless beauty of sunflowers.

As a passionate creator, I’m Joel Ortiz, and my brand, Manolo Jolinsky, is renowned for its welded wall art. A 2007 therapy-driven photography venture evolved into a 2015 small business launch. A lifelong welder and US Disabled Navy Veteran, I’ve found solace in photography’s benevolence. Discover the fusion of artistry and dedication in every piece.

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We strive to provide top quality welded interior wall art and photography that are custom designed!
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