Interior Wall Art

2020 has been a rough year but we all keep pressing forward, I have my NEW METAL PRINTS! These new interior wall art metal prints will enhance the appearance of your corporate office, home, or just about anywhere else YOU need an uplifting cheerful view with #SUNFLOWERS

During this past year 2020 during quarantine times I planted over 100 Sunflowers on my property and boy did I have time to garden and take photos. These NEW interior metal wall art prints are very AESTHETICALLY uplifting and pleasing to the eye! My new prints will definitely brighten up your office and workspace.

These new wall art pieces have an AMAZING rich color and will compliment your interior decor just about anywhere in your home. Quality interior photography art and SUNFLOWERS have been a passion to me. My name is Joel Ortiz and my Business name Manolo Jolinsky welded wall art. I took up photography for therapy in 2007 and in 2015 I opened my small business. I am a US Disabled Navy Veteran who has been welding all his life and photography has been very good to me.

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